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Mex is a dice game that can be played with any amount off players. The goal off the game is to try not to dice lowest.

What you need to play.Edit

  • 2 Dice.
  • Any amount of players
  • Beer or booze. It doesn't really matter.

Setting up the gameEdit

Setting up this game is really easy. You just take 2 dice and you are finished.


  • Before we start explaining the game, it's important to know the values off the amount of eyes thrown.
    1. Example: You throw 2 different eyes. Let's say a 4 and a 5. This would add-up to be 54. So basically your score is highest amount of eyes lowest amount of eyes.
      • There are exceptions to this rule:
        1. Rolling a 2 and a 1 is called a "Mex". Whoever rolls this sets the number of drinks to be taken during the current round.
        2. Rolling a 3 and a 1 causes you to instantly lose the current round.
    2. Example: You throw the same amount off eyes. Per Example, you throw two 1's. This becomes 100. (So 2x1=100 2x2=200 2x3=300, etc.)

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