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In many games, a player who performs a certain action gets to make a Rule. Failure to follow the rule has consequences, usually taking a drink.

Example RulesEdit

  • Little man: when any player drinks, they must remove a tiny, invisible "little man" who sits on the edge of the cup before drinking, then must place it back.
  • Drink, drank, drunk: saying any of those words means you have to consume/imbibe alcohol.
  • No phones: you look at your phone, you drink.
  • Ke$ha: At the end of every sentence, you have to repeat the last word word.
  • Partners: "Every time [player] drinks, [other player] must drink too."
  • No cursing: Swearing means drinking.
  • Names: you use another player's name, you drink.
  • Non-dom: you can't drink with your dominant hand.
  • Second-person: saying "I" or "me" means you drink.

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